amphiro Self-Powered Energy and Water Meter

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image001To me, the idea of water and batteries don’t mix. Irrational as it may be, I feel like somehow battery acid is going to leak into my shower or drinking water. Luckily, the amphiro a1 is the a self-powered energy and water meter for individual showers that saves 23% on consumption. It displays water and energy consumption in the shower – right at the point of use and in real-time. This lets you keep track of your energy and water consumption and develop a better sense for your daily energy usage.

According to amphiro, a study of 700 Swiss households supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy documents average savings of 440 kWh of heat energy and 2,250 gallons of drinking water per household per year.

You can monitor your average shower data and track your consumption trends over time on amphiro’s web portal.  After every shower, the display shows a new online code which contains your average consumption values. By entering the online code once a month into our portal, you will get a visual impression of your average consumption over time. iOS and Android apps are in the works, but in the meantime, you can check amphiro out at their crowdfund page.




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