Samsung and LG Announce 105″ Curved UHD TVs: The Race Begins!

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Do you ever wonder what makes something earn the title of “first,” “largest,” “slimmest,” etc.? Perhaps it’s when the press release hits, because tonight (last night for those on the East Coast) we saw a bit of a battle between LG and Samsung, with both announcing 105-inch curved UHD within hours of each other. (I can just see the PR execs scrambling!) Rather than speculate on the marketing hype of who wins the “first to market” war, as exciting as that may be, here’s what we know for certain:

Samsung 105″ Curved UHD  TV

Samsung Curved 105" UHD TV

Samsung Curved 105″ UHD TV

From Samsung “the world’s first, largest, and”–get this– “most curved” UHD will be unveiled at CES. Here’s what Samsung reports:

The Samsung 105-inch Curved UHD TV adopts a new proprietary picture quality algorithm that delivers optimized color and greater feeling of depth. The Samsung 105-inch Curved UHD TV provides almost two times vivid images when viewed from the side and and boasts an 11 million pixels (5120X2160) screen resolution with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

See more at Samsung Global.


LG 105″ 105UB9 Curved UHD  TV

Heralded by LG to be the “world’s first” 105″ Curved UHD TV and also the company’s first curved UHD model ever, LG says that this “is officially the largest TV ever made.” Here’s what LG is floating via their press release:

In order to realize the TV’s curvature, new technology was introduced to resolve a number of issues, such as maintaining structural integrity and delivering uniform color and brightness across such a large screen. Until now, OLED panels were preferred for curved displays due to their ability to generate their own light. LG Display overcame the challenge of uneven backlighting by refining its Thin Film Transistor (TFT) pixel circuit technology to prevent color leakage and to ensure a superior viewing experience from virtually any angle.



Looks like both are touting new technology for better off-axis viewing. One thing we don’t need to speculate on is that these sets will be ridiculously expensive.

Both LG’s and Samsung’s 105-inch Curved Ultra HD TV will be on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 held in Las Vegas from Jan. 7 to Jan. 10. Stay tuned for Joe Paone’s in-depth coverage of 4K during the show, where details of these two particular sets will be uncovered!

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