Baby It’s Cold Outside! How to Weather the Winter Storm

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WinterStormLiving in Southern California, it’s hard to understand what those of you living on the East Coast and in northern parts of the country go through during these crazy winter storms. My romanticized notions of snow quickly melt away, however, when I see the news and talk to people ‘back east’ who explain how they drove two blocks because they couldn’t walk that far in the freezing ice and snow. As I sit here writing, wishing it was more wintry, I’ll instead be thankful that there is not a blizzard raging outside my window–as pretty as that might look–and that the high here is going to be 64 degrees today. To prepare for bad weather and cocooning, here are a few tips to make winter safer and more enjoyable.

Protect Your Electronics

A simple surge protector will do. Plug everything into your surge protector and that way, in the event of a power spike or outage, your gear won’t fry. Amazon Image

Make Sure Your Gear is Well Ventilated 

Surprisingly, a lot of folks experience electronic problems during winter because their gear gets too hot. That’s because they crank the heat, close the windows, start a fire, and turn on their gear full blast to watch TV while they are stuck inside. Make sure your equipment rack is well ventilated. Exhaust systems and components from Active Thermal Management, for example, are designed to keep air circulating so it doesn’t overheat. Even a simple fan is better than nothing.

Back-Up Power

Who wants to be in a sever storm, stuck inside, without the ability to catch up on episodes of Orange Is the New Black uninterrupted? You don’t have to sacrifice entertainment during a brief power outage, that is, if you have a back-up plan. APC by Schneider Electric, among others make Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) so that you can keep the entertainment happening for short periods. A residential UPS typically won’t give you more than 30 minutes of backup power (commercial models are beefier), but a generator will!

Prepare for Cocooning

What is so wonderful about the digital age is that you have a world of streaming and downloadable entertainment at your fingertips. Provided your Internet and power aren’t down, you can access whatever shows, music, and films you want without leaving the hearth.Amazon Image


Roku, Google Chromecast , Apple TV, Smart TVs, and even gaming consoles all allow you to access whatever content you want. Perfect for the snowed in!

For a complete winter emergency preparedness guide, visit

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