Radionomy Saves WinAmp from the Block

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WinAmp InterfaceWinAmp, one of the oldest media players out there, was scheduled for termination December 20th, despite widespread protest. According to TechCrunch, a stay of execution has been granted by Belgian radio conglomerate Radionomy.

Radionomy has some 6,000 stations in its catalog already, with an emphasis on a do-it-yourself platform that anyone can use to create a channel. Shoutcast’s 50,000-strong catalog of radio stations will be a major boost on that front. Winamp’s media playing software could be used to help program those radio stations and offer additional services.

Radionomy also has a large commercial business, supplying music services to bars, hotels, and a host of other commercial settings.

That’s great news for fans of the software, and maybe it also means that Windows will finally get a more svelte media player. AOL has been divesting itself of a lot of its boom acquisitions as of late, including its one-time golden child of local news This all being said, WinAmp by all accounts was still a profitable property, it just doesn’t make the kind of mad cash AOL was looking for. So now that it’s found a new partner in life, WinAmp should live on, and so much the better.  My only regret? I was really looking forward to an end to those update popups.



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