Samsung Reveals New 2014 Wireless Multiroom Audio, Soundbars, and More

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Today seems to be the day that the press releases for CES 2014 are hitting fast and furiously. Samsung’s sprawling announcement covered all bases of the company’s audio initiative for 2014. Reflecting the growing demand for solutions that let you manage multiple audio sources, Samsung’s new multi-room offering can be extended to its 2014 flagship soundbar, Blu-ray player and home entertainment system products. Here’s what to expect: 

Samsung Shape Wireless Audio – Multiroom systemThe Samsung Shape Wireless Audio – Multiroom system lets you listen to your content in any room of the house from various music sources. The speakers can be used alone or in combination with the Wireless Audio – Multiroom Hub and additional M7 or new M5 speakers to create a multi-room, multi-channel surround sound system.

To get it all set up you just connect the Shape or optional Samsung Hub to a router, plug in, and download the free app to control  speakers and audio sources from a smartphone. The speaker is designed to sit either vertically or horizontally depending on your needs.


Samsung’s HW-H750 Soundbar  is compatible with Samsung’s growing roster of Shape Wireless Audio-Multiroom products to  expand music options in the home.



The HW-H600 Sound Stand is designed to fit under TVs ranging in size from 32 inches up to 55 inches. Its Multi-direction technology provides 4.2-channel sound in a chassis only 1.4 inch design.


 Both the Sound Bar and Sound Stand  support Samsung’s TV Sound Connect feature, which outputs TV audio through the devices via Bluetooth so consumers can connect either device to a variety of mobile devices.


HT-H7730WM Home Entertainment System

And if you thought home-theater-in-a-box was dead, think again. The HT-H7730WM Home Entertainment System uses the latest surround-sound codec–DTS Neo: Fusion II codec for 2014 to create 9.1 channels of ‘virtual’ output by interpolating source material from six speakers (two tallboys, two wireless rear satellites, one center, and one subwoofer). Samsung claims that, via its UHD Upscale Processor, standard and high-def content can be converted to 4k Ultra HD rendering the content issue a moot point. We’ll see how it all shakes out at CES next week. 


Via: [Samsung Tomorrow

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