PointGrab Aims at Home Appliances with Gesture Control

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Giving the term couch potato a whole new meaning, PointGrab and Sunplus Innovation Technology  are partnering to bring gesture control to the home appliances market, meaning you only have to lift a finger to operate everything from your lights to AC. Building on the gesture control trend in the home entertainment industry, as well as the demand for appliances to be smarter and more energy-efficient, PointGrab and SunplusIT provide an electronic module that makes home appliances both easier to operate and consume less energy. For example, you can turn lights or the air conditioner on or off, as do more subtle control like dimming, partially drawing the shades, or increasing the temperature on the thermostat from a distance. Detection of human presence and location optimizes the gesture control operation of the device and energy consumption, according to the two companies.

Technology-pic-352x250The products offered range from the high-end PointSwitch v1800 that also includes smart energy saving capabilities, to the more affordable PointSwitchTM v360. Both products work in all lighting conditions, even darkness, and can detect human pointing up to 15 feet away from a wide angle or different locations within the room.

While we are a bit skeptical about gesture control in general, we’ll see how this and other gesture-enabled products pan out at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

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