UEI QuickSet – one remote for the entire house

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QuickSetWe’ve seen a lot of remote consolidation devices out there, like Logitech’s Harmony Remotes. With so many devices around and so many ways of controlling them, a strictly infrared (IR), or even combination Bluetooth remote isn’t going to cut it. That’s why UEI has developed QuickSet, which allows a single remote to control every single remote-controllable thing in your house, including new game systems like the Xbox One. Even Microsoft’s own IR remote can’t control the Xbox One, but UEI’s QuickSet has become the second partner to provide a remote for the system. The company says:

Video game consoles are fast becoming key platforms for delivering home entertainment, with features beyond gaming including video playback, over-the-top content, and social media connections. According to Neilson Research, half of the latest models of gaming systems (known as 7th Generation Consoles) are now located in the primary living/family room, making them an essential part of the home theater experience.

Nintendo is also a licensee of UEI’s technology on the WiiU. While Sony Playstation isn’t mentioned, given that the device supports IP-based  control, it seems that it’s Sony prohibiting compatibility. So if you’re looking for an upgrade to your Harmony that configures itself, and is likely to be able to control anything that comes down the pike, maybe the UEI QuickSet is for you. Look for UEI’s QuickSet technology in Samsung Smart TVs, GoogleTV platforms, and Vizio products, as well as LG’s Optimus and G2 models and Sony’s Xperia line of mobile devices. 


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