VIZIO Introduces New Soundbar Lineup, 4K Ultra HD TVs

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Vizio 2014 soundbarVIZIO has unveiled their new lineup of soundbars for 2014. Hoping to build on their previous success in the category, they’ve added three new sizes to the catalog; one designed for giant televisions, another for 42″ and up, and a third, to fit underneath smaller, lighter sets in a corner or bedroom.

We have our eye on the top-end soundbar, which seems to give you more control over your experience via the display remote, which features a built-in LCD screen that lest you adjust input turn on Bluetooth pairing, enable/disable audio technologies, manually adjust left, right or rear speakers for more discrete control or select other audio settings.

HDMI connectivity and inclusion of all necessary cables allows for a quick, hassle-free set-up. The flagship model also features Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround decoders, as well as VIZIO Surround Matrix and powerful DTS audio enhancement technologies that provide deep bass, crisp audio detail, clear vocals and intelligent volume-leveling minimizing potentially disruptive volume changes as different content is broadcast on the TV, such as commercials.

Someone I know from a forum hates DTS-HD Master Audio specifically because it lacks the dynamic range control of Dolby TrueHD. He lives in an apartment building, and having to constantly man the remote for booms and ride it to keep dialog intelligible is certainly a distraction from enjoying the film. If you’re like him, this might be a great solution for you to avoid those blaring commercials.


VIZIO also displayed its P-Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV at CES 2014, with prices starting at $1,000 for the 50″ model and $2,600 for the 70″ with 55″, 60″, and 65″ inch models in between. This makes the 50-incher competitive with models of the same size from the likes of Seiki Digital, TCL, Hisense, and Polaroid. The company is calling the experience “beautifully simple,” which is a nice way of saying that it doesn’t have the same breadth of features as a TV from one of the major manufacturers, much like its competitors. The P-Series are all Smart TVs, equipped with 802.11AC dual-band MIMO wireless and VIZIO’s Smart TV platform, VIZIO Internet Apps Plus. The company is touting the platform as excelling at second-screen experiences with the ability to push content to your mobile devices with support from YouTube and Netflix. VIZIO chose the HEVC H.256 Codec for Ultra HD streaming. The company wasn’t on the show floor, but instead held private meetings at the Wynn hotel. As such, we haven’t had a chance to see the 4K lineup in action and can’t comment on quality just yet.


P-Series Pricing
(P502ui-B1) $999.99 (MSRP)
(P552ui-B2) $1,399.99 (MSRP)
(P602ui-B3) $1,799.99 (MSRP)
(P652ui-B2) $2,199.99 (MSRP)
(P702ui-B3) $2,599.99 (MSRP)

For more info: [VIZIO@CES]

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