VOXX MyWayTV Is a Cord-Cutter’s Dream

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Terk MyWayTV Roku AntennaOne of the obstacles to people abandoning the pay TV lifestyle is that anyone born in the last 30 years has zero experience with antenna-based television. But what if you could take the convenience of cable, and combine the power of Roku with a digital antenna from Terk, all on one input? That’s what VOXX MyWayTV seeks to do.

Antennas on HDMI instead of coax are exceptionally rare beasts, as some people who have wanted to run antenna feeds through their Xbox Ones have discovered. By using more familiar interfaces and connectors, it can lower the transition shock for new users.

“The value proposition for MyWayTV is simple: there’s a world of free and à la carte TV entertainment content out there. We have the one product that can get it all for you,” said David Geise, president of Voxx Accessories Corporation. “With its unsurpassed, patented over-the-air reception technology and breakthrough single-component design, MyWayTV will revolutionize home entertainment. Consumers will have access to the Roku platform and can choose from thousands of channels, and control everything from a single remote. With MyWayTV, the consumer has the freedom to choose.”

The MyWayTV will be available in the spring for $169, and will include the antenna, a docking Roku Streaming Stick, and all the cables and remotes you need to make cord cutting a reality.


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