Samsung Introduces Lumen Home Automation Hub

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samsung lumenSamsung has been pretty busy over the last year or so making everyday appliances into Internet-connected wunderkinds. But one area they have yet to dabble in is the nitty gritty of home automation–the heat, the light, the locks–that is, until now. The Lumen is a device intended to replace a light switch or thermostat somewhere in your house, that will give you access to all your controllable devices from one, centralized point that won’t get lost in the couch like your smartphone. The Lumen also supports the Z-Wave protocol, which sets rigorous standards for interoperability with other Z-Wave products for certification. The Lumen lets you set up “moods”–traditionally known as custom macros in the home automation world–at the touch of a button. If you add a smartphone to the equation, then you’ll be able to issue voice commands to your house as well to do things like turn up the thermostat, turn off the lights, or arm your security system. As new devices are created, a free app will configure your entire system automatically as they are connected to your network.

As home automation becomes more mainstream, we’ll see more and more companies getting into the game. With Samsung’s existing large catalog of connected devices, they’re probably better prepared than most to make an immediate splash by connecting the devices you already have. The Lumen is scheduled to ship later this year at a price yet to be decided.

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