Not Ready for Ultra HD? Sharp’s Q+ Series HDTVs Will Display 4K!

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Sharp Q+

Sharp Q+ TVs are a good solution for those who will want to play 4K UHD content in the future, but don’t want to take the 4K plunge just yet. Q+ HDTVs are the only ones, according to Sharp, that will display 4K on an HD panel.

After sitting through a bajillion press conferences at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I came away with a bit of a 4K headache. It’s exciting, sure. And yes, the picture quality is mind-blowing on sets from Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, and LG.

But what if I’m just not ready to take the 4K UHD plunge? ….On the other hand, I do want to be prepared when 4K Ultra High Def content comes streaming into my home. I also want step-up resolution but just can’t swing current pricing for a good 4K set. I could have gone to see my therapist about all these quandaries, but instead, all my questions were answered with the Sharp AQUOS Quattron+ (Q+) series of TVs. Sharp claims these are “the highest resolution Full HD TVs available today.” The company also says that the Q+ series are the only HDTVs available that will play 4K content, “delivering a UHD experience.”

Marketing-ese aside, the Q+ TVs feature built-in upscaling and Sharp’s Quattron panel and Revelation technology, which divides each pixel, creating two pixels from one to deliver 16 million subpixels. Because Sharp Q+ TVs are built using a 1080p panel instead of a 4K panel, they are also less expensive. By comparison, Sharp’s 2014 4K sets will cost $5K (60″) and $6K (70″), while  Q+ TVs will range from $3K (60″) to $6K (80″) and will be available in February. The Q+ series will be available in two versions: The SQ line (60″ and 70″) and the higher-end UQ line (60″, 70″, 80″ inches), which will have 3D, Bluetooth, better audio, and some proprietary Sharp technologies, like AquoMotion 960. 

From what we have seen at CES 2014, these sets look none-too-shabby. THX thought so too, giving the Q+ line THX certification.







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