Cookie-making machine prototype is sweet

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cookie machineBread makers have been popular since the ’80s. The machines automatically mix ingredients, knead the bread, and then bake it all up for a delicious “home-cooked” treat. So why can’t we apply that same technology to more sinful carbohydrates on demand? Maybe we can…one day. A new prototype on YouTube can not only mix a cookie, but with the control app, can make each and every cookie in your batch unique.

The device, straight out of mid-century visions of the House of the Future,  has limitless possibilities, especially once it’s improved to mix the ingredients and bake them without human interference. In fact, the cookie-maker may be the best–or absolute worst–thing to happen in portion control. It can spit out cookies individually, which may help keep you from binging, but at the same time, hot cookies anytime means, well, generally more cookie-eating. And there’s no app for willpower.

As the bread maker has proven, anything that can give the busy domestic a home-cooked delight without hours in the kitchen is a-OK. Take a look for yourself and mellow out with the low-key (and we mean low-key) video. Just try not to ruin your supper.




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