Don’t Let Floors Get You Down, Get a Moneual Robot

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For many, the mundane tasks of doing the dishes, laundry, and cleaning make it better to leave the house in order to relax than be plagued by the dust bunnies taunting you from under the couch. Moneual is making it easier than ever to take care of those dust bunnies with its Smart Robot Vacuum System, and it’s a pretty fun little house gadget, to boot.

The Smart Robot Vacuum has some cool features that make it more effective and convenient to use. For one, the vacuum features dust sensors that plug into the wall and are located on the top of the vacuum itself, deploying it when it senses that dust is at a must-clean level. You can set it to run on a schedule (or control it manually) via your smartphone, so you don’t even have to think about it. When the vac has finished its chores, it will send results to your phone.

We had the opportunity to peep the company’s wet/dry vac at  2014 CES, the Hybrid Rydis H67 ($430). The person doing the demo checked my name tag, then wrote “Hi Krissy Rushing” in marker on the hardwood floor, after which, the H67 ate up my name like Pac-man. It also effortlessly sucked up a whole glass of red wine, leaving not a drop. It has what Moneual calls Smart Mapping technology that creates the best path for cleaning. Sensors prevent it from running into walls and furniture, and it can switch from mopping to vacuuming when it senses carpet.

Sure, you may feel a little lazy using it, but I’m guessing you’ll get over that pretty quickly.



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