This Is Cool: Piper All-in-One Security/Automation Device

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While it may look like a compact bookshelf speaker, Blacksumac’s Piper is actually a panoramic security camera with siren, Z-Wave home automation, and environmental sensors (like temperature) all built in to one little package. You can set up rules for Piper for various “If…Then” scenarios. For example, “If motion is detected while I’m on vacation, sound the siren, record a video, and send me a text message.” Piper will tell you when things happen at your house with a phone call, text, or email, allowing you to watch a video of what got the device’s attention in the first place. If you add your friends and family, Piper will contact them directly if you’re not available. While it does seem to operate primarily as a security measure, there are no monthly fees or unnecessary calls to the police.

From a home automation standpoint, Piper can do all sorts of things. It will turn lights and appliances on or off via a schedule, when it gets dark, or based on temperature. Throughout the day, the device will give you your home’s vitals, including temperature, humidity, ambient light, ambient sound, and motion. We love that Piper is Z-Wave-compatible, because it works with thousands of other Z-Wave home automation products, no questions asked. This includes things like your existing Z-Wave wall switches, plug-in modules, windows and door sensors, etc. 

We had a chance to peep Piper at 2014 CES, and it is truly a well-made little piece of gear. In fact, it was one of the more slick-looking products we saw. You can buy Piper on the company’s website  for $239 each or $849 for an entire Piper + Z-Wave home starter kit that includes three Piper modules and things like door and window sensors. If you’re looking for a solution that makes setup easier by combining several sensors, camera, and a siren into one easy device, Piper is worth checking out.

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