Damson Jetstream speakers auto-calibrate to your room for better sound

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Dansom JetstreamGetting good sound from your speakers means knowing that the room where they live is a large part of the equation. Whether it is a surround sound receiver with a built-in mic that takes room measurements and adjust speakers based on feedback or a professional acoustician to dial-in a more sophisticated room, tweaking the way speakers interact with the room is an important step. Some rooms are “live,” with lots of reflective surfaces, while others are acoustically “dead” with more absorptive surfaces and less sound bouncing around. The shape of the room also has something to do with the way sound moves around a room. While most homeowners ignore this aspect of sound–probably because they don’t know where to begin–it’s an important step for maximizing your audio investment.

British company Damson Jetstream I wireless speakers not only let you move speakers to any room in the house with Wi-fi, but the speakers read the environment they’re in, then automatically EQ themselves. This takes the guesswork out of the equation altogether, making calibration a no-brainer.

“Most speakers on the market are cookie cutter in delivering a single audio ‘mix’ regardless of the varying environments the speakers are used within. They offer no means for adjustment, but instead, simply are what they are,” said James Talbot, Damson Founder and CEO. “With the Jetstream I line, we are not only introducing the notion of “adjustable” audio, but kicking it up a notch in that the speaker is doing the adjusting on its own, and that’s something we think is pretty incredible. We believe today’s music and audio consumers will agree.”

The line starts out with the pint-sized Jetstream I Midi. The Jetstream I Large is twice the Midi’s size. Finally ,the Jetstream Soundbar contains two built-in subwoofers, and is designed to work in concert with the Midi and the Large to form wireless 5.1 surround systems or as a multiroom Sonos-type solution.

No word on launch date or pricing yet, but more information on the Damson Jetstream will be available closer to the product’s launch.


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