Control your ‘Mother’ like never before

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As my sister once described it, being a mom is a ‘total ass-whoop’, and you need every shred of help you can get. But if you have endless supplies of energy, you really don’t have anything to complain about, do you? Permanent LED smiles don’t hurt, either.

Perhaps that’s why Rafi Haladjian’s Mother–which launched at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show–is such an incredible one. Haladijan, the mind behind the Nabaztag connected rabbit and  founder of, made sure that this Mother would do everything asked of her, without being  grumpy, passive aggressive, or in any way beleaguered (a feat us flesh-and-blood mothers know is quite impossible).

Basically, Mother turns everyday things into smart things. It’s an Internet of Things (IoT) starter kit like many before it, but induces far fewer yawns thanks to its wit and charm. Even the press release and website are infused with clever bits: “As with your real mother, Mother cares about you and loves you.” Mother lets you decide how she can help, whether it is nagging you about overeating and not exercising or reminding in you to take your Adderall. Here’s how describes it: 

She’ll enable you to spend less on heating by turning off your connected
thermostat when nobody’s at home and help protect your house by alerting you of suspicious activity …but that’s not all. She’ll let you know when the children are safe at home and offer fun ways to teach your kids to properly brush their teeth…and still there’s more. She’ll remind you to take your medication, make sure you have coffee in the house, and keep an eye on your most private possessions. And this is only a beginning.


Motion Cookies can attach to virtually anything and send information to Mother for analysis.

It works like this: Mother is the head of a family of ‘Motion Cookies’, colorful sensors that you can stick on virtually anything and that interpret and analyze movements, temperature, etc. According to, Mother has the ability to learn and continuously readapt, turning everyday objects into something smart. The Cookies transmit data to the nearest Mother, and they don’t even have to be around her to do so.  For example, you can attach a Cookie to your child’s backpack. Once the Cookie reconnects with Mother when they are within her range, data is transmitted back to her. The techno Mother will send the physical mother an alert that the kid is safely at home. You can wear a Cookie  like a fitness band go for a run. When you get home, Mother will log your steps. The Cookies can record 10 days worth of data.


You can check Mother’s Senseboard for updates, data, reminders, and trends on everything from exercise to medicine intake.

You can connect 24 Cookies to one mother (the floozy), growing your system modularly as you add connected things. So as she doesn’t nag you, you can choose how she communicates you–whether it be via text, email, phone calls, sounds/sights, or a real-time stream. Everything is logged on Senseboard, which you can browse at your pleasure for trends, stats, reminders etc.


As pleasant as it may be, you’ll never have to smell your toddler’s mouth again. Just put a sensor on the toothbrush to check if, and for how long, he brushed.

The initial launch includes 12 different applications and is $222 for one Mother and four Motion Cookies. It’s $99 for a box of four if you want to add more. We’re trying to get our hands on a review unit, so stay tuned!

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