Warm toes remotely with Nuheat’s wireless radiant floor heating

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Where I live, we’ve actually been rocking the single digits, making radiant floor heating–which warms the actual body of the house and not just the air inside it–an incredible thing. This not only keeps your tootsies warm in winter but helps to alleviate drafts and cold exterior walls.

Thermostats, smart or not, are pretty simple things. A piece of metal or mercury expands and contracts until the circuit is completed at the desired temperature setting and the furnace or air conditioner kicks on as appropriate. This works pretty well as long as you’ve got traditional, furnace-based solutions. Many newer homes, however, are using radiant floor heating. But with all the pandemonium surrounding the Nest wireless thermostat and other connected thermostat solutions, radiant floor heating needs some Wifi action. Enter the Nuheat Signature, which opens up radiant floor heating systems to the IoT age.

signatureThe Nuheat Signature  will give you full access to all thermostat settings with wireless remote access via your smartphone (apps available for both iOS or Android) or your web browser. You can change the temperature/schedule or viewing energy usage with the swipe of a finger. Nuheat Signature is also energy efficient, and if you live in the Northwest or other volcanically active area, you can run the system off of geothermal radiation for huge energy savings. Nuheat’s portal lets you control various heating zones in your home or even multiple homes. Wintering in Vail?Turn on the heat before you arrive so that you are welcomed to a cozy cabin.

Nuheat will start taking orders February 1 and will ship in Spring. Until then, you’ll have to keep setting your bunny-ear slippers out the night before and hope that on February 2, Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow.




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