The FlipOut TV mount is the ultimate solution for sick days

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FlipOut TV mountA friend of mine bought a house recently, and his significant other wanted one room to be a sanctuary away from technology. The bedroom seemed to be that haven. But let’s face it, there are always exceptions like sick days, morning news, or simply if you want to watch something that the rest of the family doesn’t. Enter Hidden Vision’s FlipOut ($99), a new TV mount that hides your set on the wall until you need it.

The FlipOut TV mount hides as an unassuming painting above the bed until you need it,  then pulls out for comfortable viewing while lying down in bed. Cables are hidden in the arms, and there’s no friction mounts, motors, or other parts that are likely to wear out, or more importantly make the TV susceptible to crashing down on top of you. The FlipOut will hold TVs up to 32″ or 40 pounds, whichever comes first. Because the TV is so close to your eyes as you watch it from a prone position, a 32″ set would be plenty big enough to fill your needs. Check out the video below to see the FlipOut in action.

via: [Hidden Vision]

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