How to fix flat screen glare

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Sanus VLF525 full-motion mount lets you pivot the TV away from the source of sunlight.

Welcome to a new series of guest blogs from the team at SANUS in which the company identifies common homeowner design problems and offers solutions. Here, SANUS’s Lauren Theobald takes a look at one of the most common problems with a bright and sunny living room—Flat Screen Glare. (After you read it, we recommend you check out SANUS’s mountfinder for mounts compatible with your own TV.) Here’s what Theobald recommends to get ambient light off your TV screen for good:

You were blessed with lots of windows and your living room has incredible natural light. So what’s the problem? Oh, is glare ruining your TV picture? Even with a matte flat-panel television there is bound to be some light bouncing off the screen, and it’s even worse when sun moves across the room at different times of day. Most flat panels, however, have a glossy screen that makes reflections even harder to live with. Glossy LCD-LED TV screens act like mirrors for any light source in the room. Manufacturers use glossy screens to increase the HDTV’s black level, which is referred to as ‘artificial’ black level. The picture looks great and it does the job at night, but it also causes headaches when you’re watching your favorite show during the day.

The fix could be simple: Turn the lights off and get some shades. However that’s not always possible. For one, people like to leave the lights on and enjoy the view of their garden or patio. You could try changing the settings on your television, which might help a little. However, moving the TV out of the sun’s way is the best solution and will make everything better. It’s time to mount up!

Mounting your TV on the wall will not only save space and give your room a polished look, but help you deal with the glare problem. For those sunny rooms with light bouncing everywhere, you can get what’s called a full-motion or tilting mount. A tilting mount allows you to do just that: Tilt the screen up or down to avoid glare and achieve the ideal viewing angle. But for those really sunny windows that you just have to avoid, you can put your TV onto a full-motion mount and pivot the mount away from facing the window so that the reflection goes elsewhere. The ability to tilt a TV up and down or swivel side-to-side can eliminate unwanted reflections on a TV screen.


Not only do full-motion and tilt mounts allow you to move the screen away from the source of light, they let you tilt or move the TV so it is angled at a different viewing area, such as the sitting area in this bedroom. Shown here is the Sanus VMF518 mount.

Glare is just one of the problems that people have with different viewing angles in their home. A full-motion TV wall mount gives you the ability to tilt, swivel, and extend in every direction, making sure you’ll always get that optimal viewing angle. Whether you are sitting on the couch or cooking something in the open kitchen, a full-motion mount offers the right viewing angles. With the ability to tilt TVs up and down, tilting mounts are also a great solution to obtaining the optimal viewing angle. Tilting mounts ensure high picture quality when watching an LCD TV while lying in bed or viewing a TV that is not mounted at eye level. Another added bonus is that tilting mounts highlight the thin look of many popular LED TVs on the market by placing them extremely close to the wall.

Mounting a TV has many other benefits as well. It can make valuable space in a room by removing the need for furniture, creating a clean and sleek appearance. With the number of injuries and deaths resulting from unstable flat-panel TVs growing at an alarming rate, mounting a TV also adds to the safety of a room by helping to prevent accidental bumping or tipping. 

Lauren Theobald is Marketing Communications Manager for SANUS, a division of Milestone AV Technologies. Lauren heads up the communications department at SANUS, home of the #1-selling brand of TV mounts in the U.S. She is a multi-faceted marketer with traditional and non-traditional multi-channel marketing experience in the Consumer Electronics industry. Her passion is to communicate the brand and the product in a savvy, creative way through strategic digital marketing initiatives.  Lauren is passionate about design and home décor, and aligning products to fit within that space to make it function better, safely, and more beautifully.


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