URC Total Control expands lineup with Z-wave remote, iP security cameras

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URC’s Total Control automation system is  popular for its ability to do a lot, for not a lot of dough. URC recently announced that it is expanding its Total Control lineup to include a wand-style handheld remote with Z-Wave compatibility, and offering wider two-way, third-party IP camera integration. What this means is that you won’t always need a smart phone to operate your home, and you have a wider choice for what security cameras you want to integrate into your URC Total Control system .

The TRC-1080 remote will have a 2-inch color screen with backlit LCD and tabletop charging cradle. It will also include live video capability and the ability to be customized. With the TRF-ZW1 remote, no smart phone is needed. The handheld allows you to unlock Z-wave-enabled locks, turn off lights enabled with Z-wave control, or do control any Z-wave-enabled device, without having to unlock your screen on your smart phone. No delays letting your guests in for the dinner party as you fumble through apps on a smartphone.

“Our new TRF-ZW1 literally opens the door to hundreds of new control options by providing a gateway to allow control of Z-Wave-enabled products,” said Cat Toomey, URC director of marketing. “Our dealers and their customers may now enjoy the convenience of Z-Wave door locks, lighting and more from any Total Control interface including remotes, keypads, touchscreens and smart phones or tablets.”

mc75CD_smallAs the smart home becomes more and more reliant on security cameras for remote monitoring, URC Total Control is likewise widening its platform by becoming compatible with LILIN IP video cameras, in addition to popular brands like Axis, Channel Vision, ICRealtime, Panasonic, and Wirepath Surveillance. The LILIN products allow users to view HD IP footage at up to a 30FPS recording speed. This means you can view the surveillance camera feeds live from any URC Total Control touch panel, Wi-Fi based remote control, or a smartphone or tablet within the commercial or residential premises. If cameras connected to the URC system have PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) capabilities, then users can control these features as well by simply selecting the virtual joystick commands from the URC devices.

Check out the company’s complete line of Total Control products for more information.

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