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Chocolates, schmocolates. Flowers, schmowers. Who needs candy and plants this Valentines when you can give the gift of technology? It’s far less fattening, won’t wilt in a vase, and it’s much more rewarding to have a little something that makes your loved one’s life easier, greener, or more entertaining. While we don’t suggest a high-tech toothbrush or a robotic vacuum cleaner, which could potential get you dumped, these tech toys are sure to delight, so prepare to pucker up.

Nest Products –Get cozy with Nest. What better way to snuggle up with your boo (yes, I said ‘boo’) than in a cozy home during these wintry months? The Nest Learning Thermostat  ($129) is the perfect gift for doing so and will help your loved one save money on energy by learning your heating and cooling habits and automating them. Throw in the newer Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm for $249 and keep him or her both safe, and snuggly.

ManchesterCrosely ‘Retro’ Gear–I’m loving the retro vibe over at Crosley, and your loved one (teenagers too) will love it as well. In turn, they will love you more too this Valentine’s day. (Is that materialistic?) I would be pretty happy to get any of this cool-looking stuff, but especially the Audiophile Shelf System ($250). While we’re skeptical about the ‘audiophile’ claims given the price tag, this inexpensive little system is great for the bedroom, and it lets you connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Also check out the turntable stand and record storage furniture, like this Manchester model, only 80 clams. Get your kissy face on. 



Klipsch Compact Performance Series Speakers–While they may not look super smoldering, these new Klipsch Compact Performance Series Speakers, announced just today, will get you ready for sultry nights under the stars come Spring time, when love really is in the air. You can use them either indoors or outdoors, but we are liking the outdoor angle here, purely for the romance angle. You can even paint them to match your exterior walls. The feature Klipsch’s lauded Tractrix Horn technology for low distortion. The CP-4 is $250/pair; the CP-6 $350/pair. 



Apple TV–I really can’t help but recommend Apple TV ($99) , which is nothing new, but just keeps getting better. If you pay for cable, you can get a lot of great content on-demand at no extra cost these days, like HBO GO and  PBS. Why, just last night I watched the seventh episode of Downton Abbey on demand, no recording necessary. I gave an Apple TV to my in-laws, and while they were uncertain and scared initially, I hooked them up and showed them how to use it, and they were in love. Lo and behold, they thought the next-to-last season of Breaking Bad was the last, and were delighted that they had hours more of amphetamine-fueled enjoyment at their fingertips. 



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