LG slashes OLED prices before new models hit

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LG Curved OLED TVLG’s 55EA9800 television is down to $7,999, but if you take advantage of this special TV–make that Amazon–offer, you can save $1000 more while supplies last. This TV is a 1080p monster, with 3D, Smart TV features, and pretty much every bell and whistle under the sun. What was formally $11,000 can now be yours for less than half. It’s good, too, with PC Magazine swears it’s the most impressive TV they’ve ever tested.

Unlike many manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic, who have backed up a bit on OLED due to continued manufacturing yield difficulties, LG is going forward whole hog, promising to introduce five models into the US market in 2014, and opening the first OLED plant in North America in Mexico later this year.

Does LG have a secret sauce the other television manufacturers lack? They sure seem to think so. With plasma on the way out, LG is poised to grab the dollars of an awful lot of enthusiasts who are looking for a TV to call home. OLED can potentially get much cheaper than LCD in the long run due to its potential to be printed, rather than the complex LCD assembly process. With near perfect blacks plus excellent brightness and color reproduction, we’ll soon see if LG (the ‘L’ of which stands for Lak-Hui, the Korean word for ‘lucky’)  is going to be as lucky as their name.

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