SIM2 introduces seven super-bright projectors starting at $20K

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Immagini 309The Italians are known to do many things well–flattery, luxury goods, sports cars, exotic leather, glass, fine wine, lazing on the beach, and, thanks to SIM2, projectors. Known for innovation and video performance, SIM2 introduced not one but seven new projectors this month alone.

Grand Cinema Projectors

Want an incredible image worthy of a Hollywood filmmaker’s home? Check out what SIM2 calls  the “widest, most aggressive model line in luxury home cinema.” The six new models that make up the Grand Cinema series are the LUMIS UNO E, LUMIS 3D-PF, SUPERLUMIS, SUPERLUMIS Pro, SUPERLUMIS DUO, and the limited-edition, super sexy FUORISERIE (shown above). Yes, the names are Italian-esque, so make sure to put the accent where appropriate and make all the proper hand gestures when pronouncing out loud.

The sticker price may shock some, but remember…this is luxury cinema. Prices range from $26,000 for the entry-level LUMIS UNO E to $120,000 for the SUPERLUMIS DUO. Maurizio Cini, President of SIM2, said:

“These new models…renew our commitment to our dealer partners to provide competitively priced, innovative and powerful projectors that produce exceptional Hollywood picture quality.”

All the projectors use SIM2’s three-chip DLP architecture and offer remote monitoring and control, which is pretty cool for a projector line.  The Grand Cinema projectors rely on a combination of proprietary electronics, processing, and high-power lamps to deliver bright images up to 10,000 ANSI lumens. If you can appreciate craftsmanship and image quality, these might be the models for you.

The Grand Cinema line will be available from the end of this month, and will be shown at the Luxury Technology Show in New York City March 4.


The SIRIO 2014 Edition
These new projectors aren’t much to look at (at least compared with its flashier red sibling, shown at the top of this page) but the image they project is. This new 3D, active single-chip DLP is meant to be used in really large home theaters that require high light output and performance.

The SIRIO has five different lenses for integration into any room, 350W dual-lamp design, and, according to SIM2, improved light-tuned optical elements. It provides an image brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens, not quite as much as the 10,000 of the Grand Cinema line. Make no mistake, that’s still very bright. Bright enough to watch during the day with enough power to cut through competing light. You can also stack these models for increased brightness. The SIRIO also features remote management, upgrading, and control, as well as remote service and auto-calibration. Available by the end of February, prices for the SIRIO 2014 start at $20,000 with standard lens.

So get in line for yours, get your pistacio gelato ready, and put Roman Holiday on your Apple TV wish list, as it will most likely look great through any one of these projectors.

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