New Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series speakers are versatile, powerful

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Positioned at the lower-end of Bowers & Wilkins’ lineup price-wise, the 600 Series is designed to bring the company’s legendary sound to more people than ever before.

B&W claims that every element of the 600 Series has been improved upon, with six new models introduced.

The new 600 Series takes elements from other lines, including B&W’s Double Dome Tweeters from the CM10 speaker; Anti-Resonance Plugs from the PM-1, which are said to lower bass distortion and improve dynamics; and the company’s iconic Kevlar cones for smooth midrange. Appearing for the first time in the 600 Series, B&W is introducing two new features–Dual Layer aluminum bass drivers and new tweeter decoupling technology. Here is how the company describes the tweeter:

The Decoupled Double Dome tweeter … comprises two separate aluminum domes, the second with its center portion cut out and glued to the rear face of the first dome to create a remarkable blend of lightness and rigidity. The entire tweeter assembly is then decoupled, being physically separated from the cabinet by a cushioning gel ring in much the same way as our outboard tweeters.  Harmful resonances are neither transferred from the baffle to the tweeter or the tweeter to the baffle.  The resulting Decoupled Double Dome tweeter has stunning clarity and tonal purity plus outstanding imaging and dispersion.

C5-600-Passion for soundThe floorstanding 683 is the largest speaker in the  600 Series, including the new Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, an FST midrange driver and the Dual Layer aluminum bass drivers, which have an aluminum bass cone reinforced with a second layer of aluminum that B&W says provide a more effectively damped cone and higher break-up frequency. While a couple of these bad boys, or two slimmer 684 floorstanding speakers, are great for serious two-channel listening, add some 685 or 686 bookshelf speakers for the surrounds, an HTM61 or -62 for the center channel plus an ASW608 or ASW610XP subwoofer, and you’ve got a really nice home theater system. 

Available in March.

The 683 is priced $1,650 per pair.

The 684 is priced $1,150 per pair.

The 685 is priced $700 per pair.

The 686 is priced $550 per pair.

The HTM61 is priced $750 each.

The HTM62 is priced $450 each.

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