Control4 high-tech escapes make us dream of cozier winters

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Warm weather is creating some issues for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Meanwhile, the East Coast is getting pounded by Winter Storm Pax, which dumped 20-plus inches of snow on it yesterday. In Southern California where I write this, it was 80 degrees yesterday. So while we are all surrounded by winter in our various ways–whether it be vicariously through the Olympics on TV or in the miserable thick of it like some of you reading this (that is, if you have power), we can all dream of a cozier escape than our current digs. A place in which design and technology commingle to create the perfect atmosphere for watching the snow fall whilst sipping hot toddies.

Control4 may have felt something similar when it picked its top three most idyllic winter home escapes–all featuring the company’s intuitive home automation systems–that accomplish just that. Or maybe they were just in the spirit of the games. Either way, these homes bring the best of technology and looks.

Gold Medal: One Happo, Hakuba, Japan

Click the slideshow of Control4’s Gold Winter Getaway, click here.



 Silver Medal: Truckee Ski House, Northstar, California

 For the slideshow of Control4’s Silver Winter Getaway, click here.  

Bronze Medal: New York Ski Chalet, Ellicottville, NY

For the slideshow of Control4’s Bronze Winter Getaway, click here.  


Visit Control4’s Pinterest page for all the details on these amazing winter escapes!  


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