Beep unites whole-house speakers, no matter what models you happen to have

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iphone-d3e96e15e346b3089de1bce159e503bdIf you are like me, you’ve curated quite a collection of gear over the years. For example, I have a great M&K surround sound system that is several years old, but sounds amazing. I also have a nice Peachtree Audio desktop system that makes all my digital music sound analog, thanks to the DA converters inside. I have some Definitive Technology speakers from back in the day, as well. While I admire the wireless design of, say, the Sonos system, I don’t feel like purchasing new speakers just because they are wireless and go with the system.

The problem is, none of my disparate equipment works together. I can’t get all my music playing on all my various systems at once. I feel wasteful and very un-green about that. That is, until now. Beep connects to your speakers, receivers, and docks–any powered speaker with an Aux input, RCA jack, or optical input. You plug it using cable to your speakers, enter your Wi-Fi password on your smartphone using the Beep app (iOS and Android) and voila–all your speakers are wirelessly streaming speakers. And they all can be played in unison. You can add up to five Beeps to five different systems in your home, unifying them all. Very cool!

To start playing whole-house music, you just touch the Beep. You can adjust volume using the Beep directly or your via the app. One tap pauses the music, as well–and you can leave it like that until you are ready to listen again.

For those skeptical audiophiles out there, Beep uses a built-in 24-bit DAC (digital-to-analog converter) to produce its audio signal, and the 3.5mm optical output provides a loss-free digital signal, according to the company.

It’s not shipping till fall, but you can pre-order now via the company’s website. In fact, if you do so, you’ll save $50. The Beep is normall $149 +$7 shipping, but now it’s only $99. I for one, can’t wait for this!



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