MakerBot adds printable toys in time for NYC Toy Fair

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Last month, MakerBot announced its Digital Store, which lets you buy digital content for the 5th generation of  MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer ($2,899). Today, the company is showing the Digital Store’s capabilities at the New York City Toy Fair, making every kids’ dream of creating their own toys a reality. It’s really the ultimate home-tech toy, allowing you and your family to create any 3D toy available on the Digital Store.

Just go to the MakerBot Digital Store, log in, and download the files you want to print on your MakerBot (no pesky packaging or three-business-day shipping). In addition to existing printable toy collections like Around Town, which comes with 12 denizens of the nicest village in the 3D printing realm, MakerBot added a couple new lines, including Chunky Trucks (printable bulldozers and construction workers) and Dragons of Glastonbury Chessboard (a chessboard based of the Glastonbury set that launched in January). Your kid, or the kid in you, can print as many 3D copies of the file as you like, and all are paintable. These files are all guaranteed to hold up without supports, according to MakerBot. 


MakerBot Dragons of Glastonbury Chessboard, painted

MakerBot Dragons of Glastonbury Chessboard, painted


Each downloadable collection (3D files are .x3g and .makerbot formats) is available for $10, or you can buy toy files individually for a buck each. A small price to pay for unlimited dragon slaying and bulldozing, all without leaving the house.

Check out this video to see the MakerBot Replicator in action: 

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