Mohu Kickstarter project to combine OTA with streaming content

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A new project by Mohumakers of the Leaf antenna, is reported to be hitting Kickstarter next week. It will combine the listings from free over-the-air digital television with selections from streaming services. Previously attempted with Google TV, and more successfully with the Microsoft Xbox One, guide integration is a major goal for services like Hulu and Netflix, with the end goal being to enhance discoverability of new programs. 

Mohu Leaf Antenna

Mohu Leaf Antenna

The device will include Ethernet and full WiFi Internet connectivity and a remote control that can be used as a pointer like a Wiimote, coupled with a QWERTY keyboard to search through listings. Instead of a standard grid, the device will reportedly rely exclusively on the guide to find programming. The Mohu device is specifically aimed at cord cutters, making their interaction with content as close as possible to that of the cable experience to which they’re accustomed. Strangely, there’s no DVR export feature in the device, which is what usually encourages people to make that final cut of the cord, but perhaps that’s being saved for a future model.

Should Aereo go under, it’s devices like this that people will turn to next to avoid high fees for cable programming, and getting a head start via Kickstarter may be just the ticket for a fall cable-freedom campaign. We’ll follow up on this story when the device hits the crowd-funding block.


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