Green water and power runs afoul of city

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Green lady water and solarRobin Speronis, who has been living with solar power and fulfilling her water needs with rain instead of the local system, has been ordered to either hook her house up to the utilities, or face potential condemnation. At issue is the fact that she was using the sewer system without paying the related support costs via her water bill.

Speronis said she had no intention of connecting to city utilities and vowed to appeal the magistrate’s decision.

Her attorney said the city’s code contained an inherent conflict because Speronis must hook up to the water system, even though officials admit she doesn’t have to use it.

Barron said the sewer should have been capped much sooner but city officials decided to wait until the code hearing had been completed.

Oftentimes, the hardcore Green people clash with existing government entities and contracts. I think many longtime home theater fans can empathize. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, municipalities banned C-band satellite dishes because of the size and perceived ugly aesthetic. Many apartment buildings, or even entire towns have requirements to subscribe to cable from a single provider. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Robin and the clash of codes, but her problems could well be yours, so be sure to check with your local municipality before installing newfangled devices that save you money, but might clash with your local regulations. And do it before you drop some green on going green.


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