8 funky, strange, cool home audio and video finds

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While you won’t find all of these products in America, and many of them are made to order, there are some unusual, and in some instances, downright awesome, electronics to be found on the WWW. Here are some of the more interesting products we’ve stumbled upon using the Houzz app. Whether you laugh, cry, or get out your wallet, we hope you enjoy these bizarre finds.




1. Arkeg Drink n Game, $3,500 or $150/day

Fancy a cold brew whilst enjoying a classic game of Street Fighter on an arcade-style console? Well, grab your friends (unless you prefer to drink alone) and your credit card cuz the Arkeg, a hybrid keg and arcade video game, awaits you. You can fill the keg with any number of frosty beverages, from Alaskan Amber to Widmer Hefeweizen, and it comes loaded with 51 classic games. I’d say this is the best multitasking product I’e ever seen!

Dwell2. DwellStudio for Stellé Audio Bluetooth Speakers, $400

I’ll never forget my first visit to NYC, strolling into the DwellStudio store in Soho and feeling so terribly unhip. If you have similar feelings of inadequacy, the DwellStudio for Stellé Audio Bluetooth Speaker might make you feel a little cooler. Not only will no one guess it is a speaker, you can pair it to any Apple Bluetooth device to stream music. Because it’s battery operated and Bluetooth-enabled, there are no absolutely no wires to contend with.

3. Audiowood Barky Turntable, $1,750

Talk about cool-looking, the Barky turntable features a Rega parts kit, glass platter, RB303 arm, and Rega Bias cartridge. Solid ash round is finished with polyurethane and paste wax, and has adjustable solid-brass spike feet. This turntable is custom-made, only 15 per year, so give plenty of lead time for arrival. It’s also sold on Etsy, which apparently has a thriving custom electronics section (more on that another day). Who knew?audiowood-barkly-xl

Like the Barky, this unique speaker system is made to order (allow 10 weeks) and lets you mix and match the various shapes for different effects. One minute, it’s a mountain of speakers; the next, individual speaker skyscrapers. Each cabinet is made from MDF for rigidity, then covered in a wood veneer.


5. Horus Coffee Table, price unavailable

This coffee table is not only totally BA if you can rock it with a serious face, but it integrates not one, but two speakers into the very design of the furniture itself, plus an iPod dock. Is King Tut’s tomb also held within? We can’t answer that question. All we know is that this is some rad space-age stuff right here.


6. Woofer Speaker System, €938.00/pair

The ‘Woofer’ has a whole new meaning for these freestanding canines who have completely lost their heads. Traditionally, man’s best friend licks your face when you get home, but with Woofer, we hope he’ll do better than barking out your music. Strange, but kinda funny in a macabre sort of way. The real question is, what’s that diminutive lady sculpture next to the dog up to?


7. Terra Flame Home Vintage Console Fireplace, $3,300

Terra Flame Home has some very, very cool fireplaces. And the look of this Vintage Console is really intriguing with its patterned sides and mirrored face. But…does this scare the bejesus out of anyone else?


8. Megaphone, $675

Made out of ceramic with an Italian walnut stand, you might first think this is a clever iPod speaker. You’d be wrong. In fact, this is not a speaker at all, but an actual functioning megaphone. With the tapered look of a turn-of-the-century phonograph–Megaphone is a large ‘passive amplifier’ that magnifies sound naturally. Just make sure you download some yodeling music before using.


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