Paradigm Soundtrack 2 soundbar eliminates setup hassle

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With so many options available these days, it’s hard to know what your chosen speaker system will require. Wire, no wires, a receiver, a special mount? Paradigm Soundtrack 2 not only eliminates concerns such as these, but sounds great and is available now for $900.

Paradigm Soundtrack 2 is a 6-driver soundbar that includes a  wireless subwoofer and looks great sitting under your TV. It allows streaming music via Bluetooth with aptX  technology. You can use the two-channel Music Mode for listening to your favorite tunes, or the multichannel Movie modes with Dolby Digital and Paradigm Virtual Surround for simulated surround sound during movies. Because it has a built-in amplifier, the Soundtrack 2 needs no additional A/V components, like a receiver, for power.

The soundbar has 2 x 25 watts RMS Sustained power, 2 x 50 watts Peak Power, while the subwoofer has 240 watts Peak Power. For easy control, the Soundtrack 2 can learn power on/off, source select, volume up/down and mute from the television’s remote so that both Soundtrack 2 and the TV can be controlled with just one remote.

Nearly impressive as the easy setup is the price point. For Paradigm quality, $900 isn’t asking a lot.   



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