Live like an A-lister with first-run movies at home

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I recently read a post on FoodBeast  in which insider employees spilled the literal and proverbial beans on all disgusting things you should never eat from various restaurants and establishments. One movie-theater worker confessed that employees put all the unused popcorn in garbage bags for use the next day and bugs run rampant on greasy theater floors. If you could watch first-run movies at home, then you could avoid that scene altogether, popping your corn to order and using real butter.

slide_1_mainPRIMA Cinema lets you do that, even if you aren’t a Hollywood director or A-list celebrity. You can watch just-released Hollywood films from your own home theater for the first time ever.

Films are automatically delivered to the PRIMA Cinema Player over the Internet, then are sent via HDMI to your home theater. It even supports 3D movies and lossless PCM audio files. For security, a biometric fingerprint reader keeps it all on lockdown. You can store up to 50 full-length movies on the built-in RAID-5 vault, and the unit is kept cool with filtered air intake and quiet cooling. 

But while you no longer have to be a movie producer to watch theatrical releases at home, you have to have the bank account of one. PRIMA Cinema is a pretty penny–$35,000 for the security-laden hardware and $500 a movie–but as the movie studios become more comfortable with the idea and if piracy proves to be a nonissue, perhaps we’ll see a little more competition, a little less cost.

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