How to mount your TV in a corner and still get a great image

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Sanus Corner TV mount 2

Nobody puts baby in the corner, but it’s ok to put your TV there! SANUS offers TV mounts to help you do just that, like the Premium line full-motion plus mount (VMF518) shown here. 

Welcome to our series of guest blogs from the team at SANUS in which the company identifies common homeowner design problems and offers solutions. Here, SANUS’s Lauren Theobald addresses the design conundrum of having only a corner of the room in which to install and mount your TV. (We recommend you check out SANUS’s mountfinder for TV mounts compatible with your own TV after you take a read.) Here’s what Theobald suggests to tackle otherwise tough corner installs.


Design problem: The only place to put my TV is in the corner. Now what?


It’s the question we always ask ourselves: Where do I put my TV? Figuring out where to put the television in a living room can be a little tricky. If you have the perfect wall for it, then you don’t have yourself much of a conundrum. But how many of us are lucky enough to have that? For many, there is not a single unoccupied wall in the room.

It’s not such a bad thing to place your television in a corner. It leaves the flow of the room uninterrupted while allowing you to enjoy House of Cards from the sofa. Putting the TV in a corner also allows you to place sofas and chairs across from one another so you and your guests can look each other in the eye when you aren’t watching TV. Many times people will place their TV in the corner when they do not want to put their TV above a fireplace or are limited due to window placement.

Sanus Corner TV mount

A full-motion TV mount lets you install your TV in the corner and swivel it for the proper viewing angle to the seating area.

There are corner entertainment cabinet units that you can use, but there are fewer from which to choose than traditional rectangular ones. A better option? A full-motion TV mount. By pulling it away from the wall and swiveling it, the TV becomes a perfect fit in the corner. And you are not limited based on TV size either. The more extension you have on the TV mount, the larger the TV that you want to place in the corner can be. This is the perfect way to support your TV in the corner.  Swing it out to whatever angle you’d like to watch it, then tuck it back when you’re not using it. The mount also lets you tilt the TV up or down to help with that pesky glare problem that we tackled a while back.

There’s a couple things that you should remember when you’re installing your full-motion TV mount in the corner: Make sure you check the height – this is going to majorly effect your comfort. You don’t want to be craning your neck to watch your favorite programs. Try to keep the TV close to eye level. Also, you want to check the distance. Yes, the TV is in a corner, but make sure it’s not a far distant corner (or move the seating closer). Likewise, check that when you pull out the full-motion TV mount, the display doesn’t end up in your lap. It is possible to get too close.

Another great thing about putting your TV in a corner is that you can easily place components behind your TV! Nifty. All you need is an IR repeater and you can hide your power strip, cable box, Blu-ray, and Roku or Apple TV right behind your TV. Don’t forget about wires – there are easy on-wall and in-wall TV mount solutions to hide those cables in the wall.

The bottom line? Corner-mounting your TV can be a beautiful thing. It can actually save space, allow for more flexible furniture arrangements, and free up room for paintings, mirrors, and other wall décor. There are a number of full-motion TV mounts available. Make sure you check the size and weight of your TV, and find one that has the swivel and extension that you need.

—by Lauren Theobald, SANUS – a division of Milestone AV Technologies

Lauren heads up the communications department at SANUS, home of the #1-selling brand of TV Mounts in the U.S. She is a multi-faceted marketer with traditional and non-traditional multi-channel marketing experience in the Consumer Electronics industry. Her passion is to communicate the brand and the product in a savvy, creative way through strategic digital marketing initiatives.  Lauren is passionate about design and home décor, and aligning products to fit within that space to make it function better, safely, and more beautifully.

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