The Soundwall speaker embraces music with hanging art

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Soundwall logoAt one point in history, speakers were simply a means to produce some pleasant audio. It must have been easier back then to choose something to bring home, as those options would be considered limited by current standards. Today, one can find audio products in forms that go beyond the ordinary such as: pool-ready speakers, outlet speakers, speakers within a lightbulb, and even ones disguised as a candle.

If you’re one that prefers a home speaker to be heard and not seen, get your wallet-fingers ready. The Soundwall wireless speaker is a wall-mounted speaker disguised as a hanging piece of art. It’s thin, light, and probably easily dismissed as just another beautiful thing on your wall. Imagine the shock and surprise as you cue the music when guests casually inspect your new article of decoration.

Soundwall speaker roomThe Soundwall features Hi-Fi sound that streams wirelessly from connected devices or your home network. What makes Soundwall more than just a speaker is that you get to choose the art yourself.

The company offers a number of images to pick from their gallery, or you can upload your own picture or digital photo. For the truly creative, the Soundwall can be delivered as an empty canvas, ready for acrylic, oil, or anything a gessoed hardboard can accept.

The company offers five sizes to choose from, ranging from a 24” x 36” poster to enormous 40” x 60” masterpiece. Each Soundwall is handcrafted and tested before being sent out. The price may be steep for some, sure. But for others, it can be priceless to tribute a special photo in such a way. Family picture to a rockin’ theme song? Done and done.

The hardest part with owning the Soundwall speaker is probably going to be trying to hide the power cord. But if you email the folks at the Soundwall website, they might have a few ideas to toss out.

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