Wren Sound Systems says wireless audio can please audiophiles

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If you’ve ever attempted reading through forums to find answers about audio quality, you might have left with more questions than you started with. It can be a little intimidating, especially when people are throwing out unfamiliar terms or examples.

Wren V5BT speakersThe folks at Wren Sound Systems have been keeping a blog, with the latest series of posts being on the topic of wireless audio. The most recent entry starts the discussion about how wireless audio quality is perceived. Many people still distrust wireless speaker playback, since they’re so accustomed to the lo-fi quality from cellphones.

But the wireless technologies in speakers are very different from that of cellphones or smartphones. Those speakers equipped with Apple’s AirPlay, DTS’s Play-Fi, or CSR’s aptX can deliver the same output as a wired system. How can this be done? It’s all possible due to lossless coding. Here’s a snippet explaining how it works:

“With lossless coding, the bits of the audio signal are “packed” in a way that allows them to be efficiently transmitted, then they are “unpacked” at the receiver. In this way, the bits at the wireless speaker are identical to those at the source. Lossless coding uses an algorithm to analyze digital audio data “words” and remove redundancy; this can make the words shorter (for more efficient transmission) but the exact bits can be restored later.”

Lossless coding is only one aspect of a wireless high fidelity system. The strength of the network and coverage also play a part. Check out the full blog post to read more about how lossless coding works efficiently with data.

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