Say goodbye to spring cleaning, hello to more fun stuff, with 2 new vacs

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We all hate to do it, but those unsightly dust bunnies require the occasional pass of a vacuum cleaner around the house to keep up appearances.

Today, not one, but two new vacuum cleaners were introduced, both claiming to save you, the busy dweller, tons of time. And wouldn’t we all love to be freed up from the constant demands of house and home? Free to plant the spring garden? To take up dirt-biking? To go for a five-mile hike? To learn how to knit or make Korean BBQ? I know I would love to free up some time.

So, let’s just do the math, shall we?


The Math

Say you spend an average of 20 minutes a week on vacuuming duties. Over the course of a month, that’s 80 minutes (1 hour, 20 minutes). Over the course of a year, that’s 960 minutes (16 hours!) And over the course of 20 years, that’s a whopping 19,200 minutes (320 hours, or 13 days). Eliminate that altogether, and you free up nearly two whole weeks of your life to climb, play, dance, really smell those roses. Carpe diem and what not. If you are slightly more anal and spend, say, 30 minutes vacuuming per week, that number goes way up. That is, if you have the right vacs….


The Vacuum Cleaners



Samsung’s Motion Sync Design Upright Vacuum (VU7000) is now available at retailers nationwide. (Photo: Business Wire)



Samsung Motion Sync Design Upright Vacuum (VU7000, $450) is the company’s first fully detachable handheld hybrid model and is designed to make floor cleaning easier and quicker with improved maneuverability. The Motion Sync Design feature offers easier maneuvering for “swifter, steadier and more stable control over movement,” while Cyclone Force Multi sucks things up with the power of an otherwise destructive storm. It’s got a HEPA filter that gets 99% of dust and particles, according to Samsung. In short, Samsung says that the VU7000’s nimbleness is going to cut that 20 minutes of vacuuming time way down. Heck, even if it shaves a conservative two minutes off your 20-minute weekly vac time, you’ll save a whole day of vacuuming over the next 20 years. That’s a day at the beach, so get your sun-brella out.

See the details at



The Neato BotVac 85 robot vacuum, one of the models in the new Neato BotVac family. (Photo: Business Wire)


Meanwhile,  Neato Robotics aims to give you all of that time back (the whole 13 days over 20 years, the entire 20 minutes a week!) with its brand-new  Neato BotVac. Aside from its “on-trend accent colors,” the new BotVac brush is 50% larger than those found on other robots, according to Neato, making it the largest brush available on any robot vacuum. It’s also designed to get really close, within 10 millimeters, to your wall, which is something robotic vacuuming has always struggled with. The BotVac series also has smart mapping tech that scans and plans the most efficient vacuuming course, is supposedly great at picking up pet hair, and is designed to be a real vacuum, not a mere “sweeper.”  There are four Neato BotVacs to choose from, ranging from $479 to $599.

Whatever vacuum you choose for this year’s spring cleaning extravaganza, either one of these bad boys is sure to get your home spotless, in far less time than usual.



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