Beat the Amazon Prime price hike with this trick!

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save on amazon primePeople love Amazon Prime. Not only does it give you Netflix-style streaming with exclusive shows, you get free two-day shipping on everything you buy, letting you take advantage of small-item sales without losing all the savings to shipping. But is the joy about to end? Not necessarily.

Amazon Prime is going up in price to $99, but with a few quick steps, you can preserve your existing $79 rate for another year, keeping your free two-day shipping, along with Amazon Instant video and its exclusive streaming options.

Note that you can only gift Prime up to a year in advance, so anything beyond a year from the date at the time of gifting won’t work. You can also gift Amazon Prime at $79 for a year even if you aren’t renewing and are signing up for the first time. Also, some people had varying results, so you want to double-check the price on your screen before you submit your order.

For Amazon Prime renewals, the first step is turning off auto-renewal. This will keep your card from being charged the new rate on the day your membership expires. Next purchase an Amazon Prime gift subscription, and set the send date to when your existing subscription expires. Voìla, you’ve now extended your subscription for another year at $20 cheaper than you’re neighbor is paying.

For first-time Prime users, just  purchase an Amazon Prime gift subscription for yourself, and you’re set.

Get Amazon Prime for the current rate, before it’s too late.

Via: [LifeHacker]

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