LG’s latest AC unit is part art, part machine, all cool

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LG Artcool Stylist AC room

Now that pi day has passed us, summer is looming right around the corner with all its fiery goodness. Soon enough, many will be checking and ensuring the home air conditioner is working properly. If you live in an area that gets especially hot in the midst of summer, you understand how people live and die by a working AC unit.

If you’re fortunate, you have central air instead of some ugly, boxy window unit. Regardless of which you have equipped, LG has recently unveiled its latest residential air conditioning unit that’s as attractive as it is functional. The LG ARTCOOL Stylist Inverter V, a winner of a 2014 iF Design Award, looks nothing like most other air conditioning units.

This AC mounts on the wall and features a low profile that is shy of 5 inches thin. This square unit has an LED right smack in the middle that changes colors depending on if it’s heating or cooling. Or you can change it to something else that suits your mood with the included remote control.

LG Artcool Stylist AC

Unlike typical fans or cooling units, the ARTCOOL Stylist distributes air in three directions for area cooling. So instead of trying to huddle in a narrow cone of blown air, you can go about your business indoors without breaking too much of a sweat.

But the kicker with this AC is how quietly it runs. The operating noise is only 19 decibels, which is about as loud as a ticking watch and not nearly as maddening. The summer heat can do such things to a person. Since the ARTCOOL Stylist is energy efficient, you won’t feel so guilty letting it run in your room all night long.

The LG ARTCOOL Stylist will be shipping this month to retailers.

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  • Phyllis Bentley

    Looking forward to checking out this product. Have been using window air conditioners.

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