Frigidaire lets you freeze, defrost, and refreeze with the touch of a button

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In the world of refrigeration, outside of efficiency and sometimes-useful sometimes-not doohickeys like video screens, there has been relatively little innovation actually keeping things cold. Frigidaire, however, has made some serious strides with its new FICH1717HW hybrid, which transforms from a refrigerator to a freezer and back again at the touch of a button, in only 75 minutes. The refirgerator is self defrosting and provides 16.7 cubic feet of space to store your frozen treats.

frigidaire Refridgerator/FreezerNow since this unit isn’t the prettiest thing around, it’s probably not the beast you want squatting in your kitchen. But what it is good for is that second freezer you fill with frozen vegetables or the case of popsicles you picked up at Costco. Big families that need all this food space probably have a lot of birthdays and barbecues to handle, and so that convertible feature is perfect to first freeze the stuff you bought on sale for the event, defrost the burgers and the chicken breasts with a click and forget it until it’s time to hit the grill.

It’s so simple, it’s amazing that no one thought of it before. Consumer Reports says that it’s a solid performer, so if you’re in the market for a new storage freezer, this Frigidaire might fit the bill at around $770

Pick one up today in time for BBQ season at


Via:[The Consumerist]

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