MartinLogan debuts Bluetooth/AirPlay-capable Crescendo speaker system

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MartinLogan has long been known as a purveyor of luxury-level speakers. So this bit of news is encouraging for those who prefer to enjoy their great sound wirelessly. It’s about MartinLogan’s new Crescendo tabletop speaker system, which works with Bluetooth and AirPlay — the first time MartinLogan has accommodated those hugely popular wireless technologies.

It comes in a rather design-friendly package too. The company says it had furniture and artwork in mind when it designed the product. See for yourself…


From the press release:

The dense cabinet enclosure, wrapped in either high-gloss piano black paint or real-wood walnut veneer, floats atop a sturdy aluminum stand and looks comfortably at home in any décor where aesthetics are as important as sound quality. A cleanly integrated, front mounted control panel allows quick access to power, input and volume controls.

The key for this product isn’t just its good looks, though; it’s its connectivity. In all, there are six ways to get your music onto the Crescendo. You can connect your Apple devices with AirPlay via WiFi. You can connect via Bluetooth 4.0, with support for SBC, MP3, AAC, and apt-X. You can use a wired Ethernet connection for AirPlay or even DLNA. You can use USB to dock and charge Apple devices. If the device only has an analog output, it’s got an aux input/headphone jack. And if you have a digital optical output, you can connect to its aux digital input via an included mini-Toslink optical adapter. Basically, there’s no excuse if you can’t connect to this baby somehow.

The $899.95 device is currently shipping in high-gloss black. The real-wood walnut version should be available in early April. For more information on the Crescendo, visit its product page.

And now for some tech-speak if you’re interested:

At the core of the Crescendo is an advanced 24-bit 48kHz DSP (digital signal processing) based preamplifier in conjunction with a powerful class-D closed-loop 100-watt (140-watt peak) amplifier. Crescendo’s digital amplifier creates powerfully detailed sound from a custom designed front-firing 5×7-inch matte black polypropylene cone woofer with extended throw drive assembly in a non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format. Low frequencies are seamlessly blended with two of MartinLogan’s high-performance Folded Motion tweeters for an astonishing, room filling experience.

The signature Folded Motion tweeters utilize extremely low mass diaphragms that “squeeze” air, and require significantly less excursion than the typical 1-inch dome tweeter, which drastically minimizes distortion while providing a lightning fast response time. The increased surface area also provides a wide, yet controlled sound dispersion to create a realistic and carefully etched sound stage.

Crescendo is crafted with a solid MDF enclosure that strengthens and intensifies low-frequency bass performance while minimizing vibrations.

To further enhance bass performance, Crescendo features an optional subwoofer output via an analog RCA connection. This option, not typical of tabletop speaker systems, customizes the crossover between the Crescendo and subwoofer to give true audiophiles the ability to supplement the low-frequency performance of their system.

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