SmartMat wirelessly alerts, automates when stepped on

Sections: Internet of Things, Remote control, Smart Home

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How would you like to have the living room lights turn on as soon as you step up to unlock the front door? Or maybe you’d like to be notified of when the dog is ready to come back inside from a backyard potty break? Interested in who is coming or going from your home in real-time? All this is possible with the SmartMat.

Who would have thought that something as mundane as a floor mat could be made far more useful? Well Dr. Andrew Clark did, and the concept is far more useful than one might think. The SmartMat doesn’t replace your floor mat, but lies directly underneath it. You’ll still be able to wipe off shoes like you normally do.

This SmartMat features a wireless controller that sends signals to other devices when triggered by weight. It could be a person, pet, or package. Users are able to program the SmartMat to send different actions based on the triggering rules. But what sets this product apart from other floor sensors is that it’s able to detect small changes in force, instead of acting like a simple on/off switch.

Other mats can only tell if there was an actual presence, yet have no means to differentiate one thing from the next. A package dropped off on the mat reads the same as a person standing there. But since the SmartMat can read weights within a range, it opens up the possibilities of control and notification.

Did your kid come home on time after school? You can be immediately notified via email or text, even if you’re at work or out running errands. Have multiple children? The SmartMat can differentiate each of them so long as there is enough of a weight difference to tell. Of course, readings can be thrown off if one of them happens to be carrying something heavy. But hey, you can always set up an outdoor camera to switch on recording as soon as the SmartMat activates.

Visit the SmartMat Kickstarter page to watch the video showing how it works. Although informative, it reminds us of awkward TV commercials or public service announcements (PSA). However, there is humor and charm within the home-made videos; this project is KS material through and through.

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