Can you find the speaker in this picture? Our 7 favorite design-tech companies

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Every home has its issues, whether it is an ominous pillar in the middle of your proposed media room, awkward room dimensions, or difficult room materials with which to work. Luckily, there are a lot of brilliant manufacturers who are creative enough to offer design solutions that make your home both high-tech and high-style. Here are our favorite solutions-based companies that provide the best of technology and design with an eye on keeping your home beautiful and serene.


Sonance Invisible Series delivers great sound quality that emanates from the wall or ceiling, without any visible signs of a speaker. The outlines show where the speakers are installed within the wall.


 1) Dana Innovations

While you may not have heard of Dana Innovations, this company is parent to Sonance speakers, Trufig, and iPort. Sonance has always focused on delivering speakers that stay hidden but still offer incredible sound. I took a tour of the joint many years ago and was impressed with how they 3D-printed speaker models to see how they would fit together or within a wall. The bezel-less design of the Architectural Series, shown below, ensures the grille is always  sitting on exactly the same plane as the surrounding wall or ceiling surface, delivering a clean look and eliminating shadow lines. Their invisible series, above, is completely hidden within the wall itself. 


Meanwhile, Dana Innovations’ Trufig has received awards from both technology publications and interior designers, with honors from the likes of American Society of Interior Designers and the Customer Electronics Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). Basically, if it goes in the wall, Trufig can make it not only totally flush, but match the surrounding wall. Here is a little slideshow I snagged from their website:



2) Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers believes that hardware should disappear amidst the furniture and fixtures, yet maintain functionality, aesthetics and performance. And many installers swear by the company’s sound quality. What is great about Leon is that their speakers are completely customizable, so whatever nook you want to stash a soundbar in, you get it to order with exact matching of finishes and dimensions.


Leon Speakers Living Space Theater in a bedroom featuring Profile Series ultra-thin speakers captured within a fireplace divider wall. Installed by APW Custom Theatre, CAN


Leon Speakers Vault Series in-wall speakers featuring custom grill coverings to match Katie Leed fabric walls in Veranda Magazine’s showhome, designed by Thomas O’Brien.


3) Trak-Kit

What we love about Trak-Kit is that it was designed to meet some very specific design issues. For example, if you live in a New York City apartment, you won’t want to obstruct the views with a TV, and there might not even be a logical wall on which to mount the TV. Trak-Kit mobilizes your TV using a track system that is installed on the ceiling. By doing this, you can now use the TV in multiple areas, allowing you to enjoy your television beyond the living room. Cables are integrated into a individual cable management system inside the track.


Don’t want to mess up the view? The Trak-Kit system makes it so you can move the TV into the viewing area when ready to watch.


4) Screen Innovations

SI is creating some really cool projection screens that look as good off as they do on! They feature an ultra-thin bezel and LED backlighting, not to mention an onscreen image that performs like a champ. Check out our review for details. 



5) Sonos

Wireless multiroom audio pioneers, these guys not only get top honors for basically creating this category, but brownie points for releasing their patents last month in the spirit of creativity. The wireless speakers mean you can get your favorite music in any room, without in-wall wiring. Any homeowner who has ever done in-wall wiring knows that it can not only be a hassle, but an eyesore if you get the wrong speakers (or the wrong installer!).

Sonos speaker and app

Sonos speaker and app

7) Guilford of Maine

You might find it weird that we include a fabric company in our roundup of high-tech design-oriented solutions, but these guys make acoustically transparent fabric that can be had in any virtually color or pattern you like. What does that mean? It means that you can hide beefy, unattractive speakers within columns or create false walls, cover them with this fabric, and your audio won’t be the worse for it.


Some of Guilford of Maine’s acoustically transparent fabric color swatches.



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