Body Dryer saves energy, you’ll never wash towels again

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If you’ve ever had the chance to use one of those high-powered, Airblade hand dryers in some public restroom, you’ve likely marveled at the speed and efficiency. I’m not talking about the old-style bathrooms kind with the familiar ‘push button receive bacon‘ or ‘please hide your potato‘ signs. These new ones completely dry hands in a matter of seconds, using less energy and wasting zero paper.

Body Dryer bathroomI’ve only seen/used these newer hand dryers in a few establishments myself; they might only be available commercially, too. But if you’re keen on upgrading your home in greener ways, there is a new product that uses the same concept. A team has just launched the Body Dryer, which is a high-powered, efficient full-body dryer. Kiss washing towels goodbye.

You step on it like you would a scale, and a vortex of air envelops you to dry your epidermis as quick as in 30 seconds. With all things being equal, one can assume that those with more body hair might require a few more seconds. The Body Dryer uses compressed ionized air, which keeps you smelling fresher than a towel would.

If you’ve ever used a towel once and hung it up to dry, understand that microbes are busy busy busy doing their thing within the fabric. These germs and bacteria thrive, oftentimes creating those stale, not-so-fresh smells. Can you say breeding ground? Using the same towel again the next day can negate that scented body wash you feel so lovely in.

At the heart of it all, the Body Dryer means to be one additional step to help conserve resources. If you think about how often you wash towels, consider the water and electricity used to clean and dry them. There is a pretty significant difference in energy. Even a minute’s use of the Body Dryer (lets assume for a totally furry guy) ends up as a fraction of the energy needed to run a washer and dryer for a full load. Not a drop of water is required either.

It’s good for the environment and good for you. Interested in learning more? Check out the Body Dryer on Indiegogo.

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