WebTuner tantalizes cord-cutters with streaming to TV

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With the way that cable companies squirm prices for maximum profit, it’s any wonder consumers want off that wheel. The rise of online and streaming content has facilitated cord-cutting over the years. Not just that, but vast video libraries available through services like Netflix have led many others to revert to basic TV. In this digital age, it’s easy to forget that we still have local over-air television programming.

WebTuner DiscoveryWebTuner corp knows this, and has announced their latest solution for those who watch local TV but might want a little more. The WebTuner set top box provides a single interface for viewing live TV content, on demand, and streaming services. The concept brings more options for TV viewers, even though the delivery is via broadband.

Users get to have the TV content they know and love, except that it’s now through the Internet. The WebTuner delivers that TV experience, but without the hassles of ugly antennas or tricky reception.

Essentially, WebTuner manages to connect broadcasters and advertisers to cord cutters and cord shavers. If you’re going to see ads for services and products anyway, they might as well be interesting or relevant, right? But the key to WebTuner is the way it manages access to all types of Internet-driven content in one small device. Users can surf or search with the remote control or QWERTY keyboard.

There’s no pricing information as of yet, but that double-sided remote control and easy-plug computer look pretty fantastic.

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