Breathe easy in the home with advanced ‘smart’ flooring

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Combining new technology with old or existing products is a common trend, as companies seek to bring the internet of things to all aspects of our lives. LG recently made available its latest AC unit, and the Honeywell Bluetooth air purifier is now exclusively available at Best Buy. Samsung is poised to start rolling out its Samsung Smart Home service by the year’s end.

Lauzon Pure Genius flooringContrary to popular belief, not all advanced products utilize electronics. Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring has just launched a first of its kind type of ‘smart’ hardwood floor. The Pure Genius floor actively breaks down airborne toxins to keep homes cleaner and with fresher air. Rooms with the Pure Genius flooring end up as 85 percent cleaner than those without.

The science behind Pure Genius is a patented titanium dioxide technology that decomposes bacteria, viruses, and mold. Light and air movement help the Pure Genius flooring turn toxic particles into harmless ones. Persistent odors, such as cigarette smoke and cooking smells, are significantly reduced as well. This kind of purifying effect is sure to have positive impacts on personal health.

The Pure Genius flooring is available in a variety of styles and finishes to match and complement individual tastes. You can’t plant trees inside the home (easily, at least), but you can still reap the natural benefits with this flooring. For more information, visit

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  • Navid Abed

    Wow that sounds great! Flooring decides the sophistication of a house today and hence needs to be something new and technologically advanced. And this Pure Genius floor is the perfect example of such a sophisticated and trendy flooring! AA Flooring Direct at deals with flooring built of hardwood, bamboo and also ceramic tiles that brings beauty and elegance to your home.