Bay Audio’s PTM+ brings next-level service to custom sound

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Bay Audio PTM+

Bay Audio is looking to take custom integration to the next level with their new PTM+ (Professional Theater Monitor) series of audio equipment and support services. Each order by an integrator is put through a two-step process to ensure you get the sound system of your dreams.

First the custom integrator carefully measures your room, and provides a detailed list of specifications to Bay Audio. Each speaker is constructed for exactly its place in your room, and that doesn’t just mean the sound. A second work order is submitted to make sure your new speakers blend with your decor. The PTM+ system doesn’t stop there either; a Bay Audio representative will show up at your home for a final check, tuning and tweaking to make sure that your new sound system is operating at the peak of performance.

Manufactured with great care, PTM+ speakers are the technologically precise instruments we need to create the ultimate home theater. The Bay Audio PTM+ lineup is fully customizable to accommodate each installation. Standard sizes include a compact, high output monitor, center channel, in-wall loudspeaker, bass staging module and subwoofers in three sizes. PTM+ loudspeakers’ advanced design elements include inert 1-inch MDF cabinet designs veneered inside and out to balance and protect the material, multiple internal braces to lock all cabinet walls

Bay Audio feels that by giving their integrators, and through them their customers, this level of support, their PTM+ lineup and support services present a tremendous value and a tremendous sound. The synergy created by creating an end-to-end production chain whose sole commitment is the perfect sound in every space is an admirable one. You can find more information on individual products in the PTM+ line, and find a custom integrator on the Bay Audio website.

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