Home automation upgrades to lead residential trends

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When someone mentions that they’re planning to remodel part of the home, what comes to mind first? Kitchen? Bathrooms? Spacious, walk-in closets? While it may be true now, all of that is soon to change. As the internet of things picks up pace to grace various aspects of the home, automation is predicted to be a hot remodeling trend in years to come.

The study was performed by the Joint Center for Housing Studies by Harvard University. These home automation solutions can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet with a single app. The top demand? Lighting and HVAC. Having those systems automated are effective ways to increase the energy efficiency in the home. Users can adjust and manage straight from their mobile devices.

Control4 home automation upgrade mobileHome security is a growing trend as well. Systems are becoming more affordable and easier to install. Even now, there are Bluetooth-enabled door locks and security cameras that connect to wireless networks for streaming and recording. The added bonus for certain types of home security measures are insurance discounts. There are companies that will lower premiums for added security or fire monitoring.

While some of these home automattion upgrades may involve a bit of installation work, many others are easy for the average do-it-yourself’er. If you want to learn more about the kind of awesome tech available to make your home a smart one, you can check out the Control4 automation solutions website. Who knows? You might get some really great ideas and beat everyone else to the punch.

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