Nod points the way to camera-free gesture control

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Nod control ringNod Labs has partnered with Broadcom’s WICED technology to bring gesture control to the masses. Typical gesture control like Xbox Kinect relies on cameras or remotes. Nod is essentially a ring that you put on your finger, and by touching, manipulating, tapping, and gesturing with it, it provides enough input to control a wide variety of devices.

“Nod’s technology builds on the inherently human behavior of pointing—but aims to eliminate the archaic ways we interact with our home technology,” said Anush Elangovan, CEO, Nod Labs. “Our initial product offering, a wearable ring called Nod, is the first step in enabling consumers to experience more seamless and natural interaction with the most-used devices in their home. By integrating with Broadcom’s Bluetooth SoC and Trellis application framework, we are able to offer an intuitive new way for consumers to control their favorite TV and video content via a set-top box, as well as other connected home devices including smoke alarms, light bulbs, and more.”

If Nod succeeds, the connected devices around your home will literally be at your fingertips. The current prototype looks promising, but I hope once the tech is locked down, they’ll concentrate on making it a tad more fashionable. Nod is currently available for pre-order at their website for $149.

Product Page:[HelloNod]

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