Comcast to let users live stream personal video to TV

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If you’re a Comcast triple-play customer, expect to have some neat features available to you in 2015. Soon, when you hit ‘last’ on your remote, hovering over any of the nine last selections will create a live picture-in-picture. Spanish speaking households will have guides and menu labels in their language. And the blind or visually impaired will be able to find content easier with Comcast’s voice-guided TV interface.

Comcast signBut the big feature for subscribers will be the ability to live stream from a mobile device, through the internet, to a TV. This X1 feature, part of Xfinity Voice, is being demonstrated this week at NCTA’s The Cable Show 2014, in Los Angeles.

Distance and travel can be cumbersome obstacles, when it comes to family events. When spur-of-the moment things happen, there’s sometimes little time to include others. Soon, Comcast customers will be able to watch live footage like they would a show on TV. A wedding across the world can be recorded and watched in real time. The difference is how streaming from a mobile device makes the experience personal and connected. Living far from friends or family won’t have as big an impact toward missing out.

Despite the low customer satisfaction rates, it’s good to see that the cable giant is pushing to provide more services.

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