The GEN brings affordable, renewable energy to the home

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Let’s face it. Our planet has limited resources that will only cost more as we dig them for use. If technologically advanced aliens were indeed observing us unnoticed, I’m sure they’d be puzzled over why we dig holes for energy instead of tapping into the free stuff. Like our glowing, energy generator, the sun.

The GEN solar wind energyAlthough there is a strong push toward using solar- and wind-generated energy, the costs are still beyond what many households can afford. Those that can afford to have such systems will have to wait decades before enjoying a return on their investment. Sure, the purpose of keeping a cleaner, healthier planet is the top goal, but not everyone has thousands of dollars to toss around right now.

The team behind the GEN understand that necessity is the mother of invention. They also know that creativity and hard work need to get thrown in the mix too. The result is a compact wind and solar unit that sits on your roof to provide energy for the home. Depending on the amount of energy a home consumes per month, the GEN can supply up to 70 percent of electricity needed. Apply the math to your annual energy bill, and you’ll see how much money you’ll save.

While The GEN is not expensive (by comparison), it may require a little thought and planning with respect to the costs. The good news is that Americans are eligible for federal energy tax credits. All that information, with links for each state, is available on the GEN’s Kickstarter page. Whether you’re interested in an actual unit or simply want to support the cause, visit the GEN Kickstarter campaign. Go green!


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  • ray delcolle

    “America has the natural resources to meet its energy demand with clean, renewable energy. It’s time to harness that full potential.”